Emotional Targeting

Feb 02, 2021

Targeting is one of the marketing mechanisms that allows you to select the target audience from all Internet users according to certain criteria (for example by age, place of residence, gender) and advertise your product to it. Targeting helps to achieve the best effect from advertising. There are five most popular methods of targeting.

• Predictive targeting uses all of the web browsing data from behavioral targeting to analyze the data and predict future buying patterns based on past behaviors;
• Contextual targeting involves displaying ads based on a website’s content;
• Site retargeting involves showing display ads to users who visited your site and then left without completing a purchase to browse elsewhere;
• Search retargeting is when you serve display ads to users as they browse the web based on their keyword search behavior;
• Behavioral Targeting is the practice of segmenting customers based on web browsing behavior, including things like pages visited, searches performed, links clicked, and products purchased.

As for Emotional targeting, it’s a totally new method developed in the field of behavioral psychology and neuromarketing, studying the reasons why people make decisions.

While traditional marketing methodologies focus on WHAT users buy, the emotional targeting methodology focuses on WHY users buy. The method is focused on the users first impression – feelings and emotional triggers.

Using the power of consumer psychology, tracking tools and user behavior data it’s possible to determine the right color, messaging, images, structure and funnel to motivate your customers. We can know why certain colors trigger some customers to feel happiness and others to feel stress, and why our customers are more likely to read text located on one part of a page but not another.

One way to use emotional targeting is through color psychology.

What are the benefits of emotional targeting?

• Understanding what your audience is looking for emotionally
• Creating engagement, brand affinity and loyalty
• Increasing revenue, amount of purchases

The consumers benefit from emotional targeting too. They get a product which makes them feel good, and the process of purchasing that product is emotionally compatible.

Emotional targeting is done through an extensive and ongoing process of research and analysis. Everything related to a specific campaign, from the location of text to the colors on certain buttons, is examined, tested, and validated in order to best engage your desired audience.

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