How to Create High-quality Instagram Content

Feb 23, 2021

Business owners often have difficulty creating Instagram content. They don’t know what will be better: to fill out a profile with tons of advertising posts and discount information? or just share funny stories and your cat photos?

The truth is that the audience appreciates variety. It’s boring seeing the same thing over and over again. And if you’re not engaging your followers, I guarantee they’re not bothering to look further into the products and services you work so hard to offer them.

There are three types of content:

1. Selling content

The main idea here is to convince a person to make a purchase from you. Information about discounts and promotions, customer reviews, everything that attracts the attention of subscribers to your products.


Create a survey. Ask subscribers to share an opinion about your product.

Ask users to write a review of your product. Motivate them and reward the most active.

Make a contest with gifts for users. Let them tell you how to use your product in a non-standard way.

Post some before/after photos. It can be anything: a photo of nails before and after building, and a photo of a girl in an old dress and in a new one.

2. Information content

Here you provide information about your product or service. There are many options for information content: product photos, prices, use cases, expert opinions, information about the company and employees, in a word all what is important to know to a person who wants to use your service or purchase a product.


Photo of your product. Post a photo of your product during assembly or production.

Recommend users a useful book related to your field of activity. If it is freely available, leave a link.

Post photos of your employees. For example, in the work process, or corporate leisure.

Ask a question to an industry expert. And then post his answer to your profile.

3. Entertainment content

Such content is needed in order to unobtrusively distract the audience from the main topic. You can engage subscribers in your company life, conduct a survey, post a funny picture or an interesting life story to make them laugh. As more positive emotions subscribers receive, as more often they will return to your profile.


Quotes. No matter whom your target audience is, I can almost guarantee they enjoy inspirational or funny relatable quotes.

Post a funny photo. And ask subscribers to name it.

Remember about regional holidays. Wish your European subscribers a Merry Christmas on December 24th. US residents will be grateful if you recall them on July 4th.

Fun facts. Share fun news about yourself and your business. Let people get to know you better.

SMM specialists have developed the ideal material ratio on Instagram. Information content should be at least 50%, entertainment - about 20%, and selling - about 30%.

Of course, you don't have to fanatically follow this rule. If something is popular, focus on it. If something causes a negative reaction, discard it as unnecessary, because the main thing in maintaining an account on Instagram is to listen to the readers wishes.

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